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Oat and Seed Bread
by member: Louisew82
Healthy flourless bread.
per serve - Calories: 629kcal | Fat: 17.65g | Carbs: 84.68g | Prot: 24.33g
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Baked Blueberry Oats
by member: Greydalcenti
A healthier version of baked oats.
per serve - Calories: 158kcal | Fat: 6.42g | Carbs: 26.26g | Prot: 6.24g
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Cream Cheese Fat Bombs
by member: Ch@rlien
Suitable for keto and gluten-free diets.
per serve - Calories: 37kcal | Fat: 3.00g | Carbs: 0.38g | Prot: 2.35g
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Oatmeal Cookies
by member: Celzy360
Easy to make, has simple ingredients and satisfies those cookie cravings.
per serve - Calories: 162kcal | Fat: 6.60g | Carbs: 22.16g | Prot: 4.84g
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Mixed Seeds Crackers
by member: monasafiya
Homemade crackers full of nutritious seeds.
per serve - Calories: 66kcal | Fat: 5.52g | Carbs: 1.92g | Prot: 2.56g
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Coconut Muffins
by member: Ieksie
Healthy low carb muffins.
per serve - Calories: 131kcal | Fat: 7.43g | Carbs: 11.92g | Prot: 4.45g
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Oats Crumpets
by member: Ziensie
Yummy low GI breakfast or snack for the whole family (even those not watching their weight!).
per serve - Calories: 252kcal | Fat: 4.22g | Carbs: 45.53g | Prot: 9.63g
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Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bbombs
A easy and quick to prepare snack.
per serve - Calories: 72kcal | Fat: 7.81g | Carbs: 0.33g | Prot: 0.59g
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Basic Biscuit Dough
by member: Mariaanfb
Simple and quick basic cookie dough.
per serve - Calories: 84kcal | Fat: 3.30g | Carbs: 12.63g | Prot: 1.12g
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Rice Cake Pizza
by member: JayDecay
A small, fast, easy and guilt free 'pizza'.
per serve - Calories: 106kcal | Fat: 0.53g | Carbs: 10.82g | Prot: 13.01g
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Homemade Peanut Butter
by member: NiteKitti
Homemade with none of the unhealthy additions.
per serve - Calories: 91kcal | Fat: 7.67g | Carbs: 3.66g | Prot: 3.55g
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Breakfast Muffins
by member: Sweet Cella
Low carb breakfast muffins with egg, bacon and veggies. Yum.
per serve - Calories: 133kcal | Fat: 8.89g | Carbs: 3.31g | Prot: 10.02g
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Pizza Alternative
by member: skinnyzee-01
You can experiment with this quick and easy recipe if you have a weakness for pizza.
per serve - Calories: 155kcal | Fat: 3.55g | Carbs: 17.57g | Prot: 14.52g
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Chocolate Cake
by member: Tam Homan
A tasty dessert cake that is really low in carbs.
per serve - Calories: 62kcal | Fat: 3.77g | Carbs: 2.34g | Prot: 4.65g
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Apple Compote
by member: Blommielin
It’s delicious as a snack or a sweet treat as a dessert.
per serve - Calories: 68kcal | Fat: 0.14g | Carbs: 14.48g | Prot: 0.10g
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Caramel Oat Bran Cookies
by member: ThinLise
A quick and simple cookie recipe, perfect for breakfast or a snack.
per serve - Calories: 43kcal | Fat: 1.48g | Carbs: 8.35g | Prot: 2.45g
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Mad Rush Mousse
by member: michaela888
A deliciously rich mid-afternoon quickie.
per serve - Calories: 222kcal | Fat: 9.93g | Carbs: 18.37g | Prot: 22.22g
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Perfect Weet-Bix
by member: michaela888
A protein and carb balanced mid-morning snack or breakfast.
per serve - Calories: 352kcal | Fat: 3.11g | Carbs: 41.98g | Prot: 35.05g
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Cloud Bread
by member: Nella1985
A soft fluffy bread perfect for gluten allergies.
per serve - Calories: 33kcal | Fat: 2.28g | Carbs: 0.62g | Prot: 2.36g
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