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Banting Seed Loaf
by member: Gerda Maritz
A healthy bread recipe.
per serve - Calories: 259kcal | Fat: 20.55g | Carbs: 10.72g | Prot: 10.83g
Seed Bread
by member: Tes1967
Healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare.
per serve - Calories: 255kcal | Fat: 9.40g | Carbs: 34.83g | Prot: 7.94g
Mixed Seed Yogurt
by member: Nicolene.olivier
Easy, quick, and delicious
per serve - Calories: 329kcal | Fat: 13.34g | Carbs: 38.21g | Prot: 17.65g
Oat and Seed Bread
by member: Louisew82
Healthy flourless bread.
per serve - Calories: 629kcal | Fat: 17.65g | Carbs: 84.68g | Prot: 24.33g
Butter Chicken
by member: jay9jepthas
Delicious and low calorie chicken dish.
per serve - Calories: 298kcal | Fat: 13.35g | Carbs: 5.54g | Prot: 37.06g
by member: jennawillcocks
Healthy and easy to make grain dish with assorted vegetables.
per serve - Calories: 440kcal | Fat: 8.61g | Carbs: 61.62g | Prot: 24.33g
Hunter's Pie
by member: michaela888
A healthy version of cottage pie using venison.
per serve - Calories: 309kcal | Fat: 6.01g | Carbs: 20.37g | Prot: 41.56g
LCHF Bread
by member: Donaldja
A yummy seed loaf.
per serve - Calories: 176kcal | Fat: 14.78g | Carbs: 5.24g | Prot: 7.50g

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