Tiffanyb94's Journal, 23 Feb 21

2 Hours of Vigorous swimming.
With being overweight I find it’s the easiest way for me to exercise without overdoing it or getting frustrated that I can’t do things properly.
Gonna do 20 mins of Pilates before bed.

What forms of exercise do you find best suits you?

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Hi Tiffany! Well done on the swimming. I was also super unfit - I had absolutely no stamina and couldn’t really do much. I started off doing Zumba (which is absolutely incredible). It killed me on the first day, and I barely made it through a 20 minute class but now I can do an hour and sometimes even more. I do it about 5 times a week and it has really helped. I can send you some links of the ones that I use and I burn on average 350 calories for a 50 minute class. The second thing that I now love are these videos on YouTube by thebodyproject. The class is around 30 minutes and is a combination of cardio and strength training and the absolute best part is that overweight people (like us) are doing the exercises with us — so you know if they can do it, so can we!! Lastly, I try to walk for 30-40 minutes a day. Doesn’t have to be too fast, but it has helped a lot. I have less stiffness and my stamina has improved drastically. Sorry for such a long message .. but I’m fairly new to exercising because I always dreaded it, now I’m addicted. It’s really fun if you’ve got your music pumping and when you see results. I for one, have cheat meals every now and then, and still manage to lose some.. this is the biggest motivator!! 
23 Feb 21 by member: Thilesha
I do walking videos on YouTube! I love to walk but I can't leave the house easily because I have 4 kids😂 
23 Feb 21 by member: jespes26
I LOVED SWIMMING and miss it so much. used to swim at the Long St baths. I was up to 50 lengths in under an hour before lockdown, then the baths closed. and it's so cheap to swim there too. I now do Zoom classes with my PT. shadow boxing, cardio and strength training with light weights half hour five days a week... and then lots of walking with my hounds. 
23 Feb 21 by member: Shereen Donede
hey T pls share links never exercise in my life jus dieted nly.  
23 Feb 21 by member: zazu2
I used to hate all forms of exercise now I do pole dancing and aerial yoga 5 days a week and totally addicted  
24 Feb 21 by member: Blood Rose
Would love the links for the Zumba! Used to be a dancer many years ago, got all the way to my teaching years before moving.  
24 Feb 21 by member: Tiffanyb94
I started with walking then changed it up with light weight training plus some cardio  
24 Feb 21 by member: ElskeBotha
I am also overweight. The heaviest I have weight was very close to your weight. I go to gym and warm up on the treadmill. I don't run but walk very fast on the treadmill for about 25-30 minutes. I also do other exercises using weights, dumbbells, kettle bells, etc. The trick is to start small and then increase the workouts as you get fitter. I also noticed tha jogging is also effective for me. I used to jog 4.5 km when i started and jog at a pace you can manage and the longest I've jogged is 7km. Also skipping rope ia very effective. I also skip sometimes. I started at 500 skips but now i can do up to 1000 skips  
24 Feb 21 by member: rmalimabe
A 20 to 30 minute walk does wonders  
24 Feb 21 by member: ricwood62
I support the swimming doing a couple of laps it helped me a lot  
24 Feb 21 by member: K.Loate
I do 20min HIIT (@growwithjo) alternate with treadmill . Combined with intermittent fasting I lost 5kg in a month but soon after started to regain weight though centimetres are going 
25 Feb 21 by member: Mphetsi


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