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Meal Behaviour
Good luck!!! Don't eat toooo little
by liv001 on 21 Feb 19 09:27 PM
Maybe try the web version. It seems the app has a lot of glitches some times
by liv001 on 21 Feb 19 09:16 PM
Posting Habits
Dear self: If you miss a day posting don't give up. Get it done when you can and keep at it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Life is busy....
by Trumpet2ns on 21 Feb 19 05:04 PM
Need advice ASAP!
Take an extra pair of shoes, even comfy slippers if you can to switch off. Will they let you sit on a bar stool - would that work? The job sounds very demanding but give it your best shot and never give ...
by Trumpet2ns on 21 Feb 19 05:00 PM
Creating recipe
:( Does this site still use the 'creating a recipe form"? I love this part of the site; because you get the nutritional information. After creating the recipe; it shows; but, I am not able to ...
by foreverhealthy2 on 21 Feb 19 02:30 PM
Can you share a recipe with another user?
Wondering if there is a way to share a recipe with my husband to his account without having to enter it in again? I see there is a share box if you want your recipe to be considered for the entire site, ...
by mpratz on 21 Feb 19 01:47 PM