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Daily Carb and getting at least 60% of your calories from FAT tips
There is no need, especially when you're making progress. If you can control calories without resorting to eliminating foods you like keep doing that.
by Diablo360x on 14 Jul 20 07:10 PM
Cheat day
Thanks for all your help guys. I appreciate it! :D
by euclid1997 on 14 Jul 20 05:21 PM
I dont get it!
Dietitians are the worst. Try a nutritionist or Dr. Berg who is on YouTube!
by Looped on 14 Jul 20 10:43 AM
Total daily calories
Does this app tell us how many calories we can eat a day in order to achieve our goal weight?
by Dfgjuf3468 on 14 Jul 20 10:05 AM
New . Help me understand this
Hello everyone! My Rdi is 3400 so my question is Am I eating 3400 or should I be eating less than 3400? And how are the calories burnt factored in ??
by umer.555 on 14 Jul 20 07:34 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
150ish would be great. I need to get into a routine with my exercise. I prefer to exercise outside, but it has been too hot for that. Not comfortable going back to gym yet. Tried a new online exercise ...
by A&Smom on 14 Jul 20 07:10 AM

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