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Progress = yellow
My progress bar changed to yellow today, at 46.7% of my weight loss goal achieved. (I thought I had to wait till 50%.) I've lost 10.5 lb in just under 7 weeks. I'm about a month ahead of the s ...
by PhatPhrog on 25 Apr 19 03:00 PM
Samsung health
Is there a way for me to connect my galaxy watch with FS so that my daily treadmill time will be automatically stored?
by charlenewill on 24 Apr 19 07:37 PM
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
Dee_T wrote: Calories in is a simplistic and incorrect theory. As if our bodies react similar to a test-tube and hormones have no impact. So, if it isn't calories, what is it that determines ...
by Diablo360x on 24 Apr 19 03:00 PM
Why does everyone think eating loads of protein is good for you?
Dee_T wrote: ROFLMAO Diablo. Insulin response is irrelevant? Enjoy your science-free, fact-free delusions. ...
by Diablo360x on 24 Apr 19 02:43 PM
reading calendar
I am new too, but if by the Net (k cal) which is beside the clock icon, it is to record exercise and what calories you might burn using it. Personally i don't take too much stock in the figures they ...
by Fiberoptic on 24 Apr 19 10:34 AM
When I cook a large meals for the fam and me how do I
Yes the My cookbook link is very good for that, especially if you make it all the time. I did that for my pea soup recipes. How else is one cup measured if different consistency. At least i know it makes ...
by Fiberoptic on 24 Apr 19 10:21 AM